Siobhan Callahan (harlequingal) wrote in sanctuaryhprp,
Siobhan Callahan

Sneaky Time

There was something in slipping out of the Hufflepuff common room, down to the library without acquiring a tagalong wishing to study, and into the farthest back row of old and musty books that spoke to the hopeless romantic in Siobhan Callahan's soul. It certainly didn't hurt either that she was meeting Christian de Monet in the isolated little corner. They hardly had any time together since they had... Well, she supposed the phrase would be "decided to step out together" but it couldn't very well be called that if they never showed anything beyond warm friendship in public. They stood up for each other and walked close and talked often but...

It had been her suggestion to not take it quite public. She knew how house politics worked and, as much as she refused to admit it, she worried over what Queen Grainne could and would do to her Christian. As it was, Caio was having a dreadful enough time; she did what she could and she knew Tanzy spent as much time as possible with him but things still got around. The Gryffindor win over Slytherin wasn't helping the tension any, either.

With a sigh, Siobhan undid her robe and tie and perched herself on a step-stool at the end of the row. Any minute now. She couldn't quite bite back a smile, though. Soon. Very soon. Big brown eyes down, she fiddled with the hem of her skirt and tried not to think about how he made her giggle and blush.
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