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Jento was walking from his DADA class back to the Hufflepuff Common Room remembering a few days ago nailing Malfoy and gooing the Slytherin Hallway. He giggled to himself as he made his way down the empty corridor. The look on their faces when they tried to get out must have been priceless. He continued down the hall and turned the corner for home. At the far end of the lonely corridor was Two Slytherin students walking towards him. From their size, they had to be at least sixth more likely seventh year. He knew he needed to pass them to get home. He kept walking towards them; little did he realize that was a mistake.

As he passed an intersection, they closed he could hear them talking about wanting to get who ever junked up their area. One of them spotted Jento and pointed. Jento knew it was not going to be pretty. He recognized one of them as Goyle, Malfoy’s henchman. Jento stopped in the middle of the corridor; he could see that they were both smiling. If one was Goyle, then the other was Crabbe and that meant they knew it was Jento that nailed Malfoy. This was going to be retribution. Jento panicked, for a just moment he hesitated, then turned and ran. He passed the intersection, trying to make it to the Great Hall there were always people studying. Unfortunately, for Jento, they were they were fast surprisingly fast considering their tremendous size; and he did not make it.

Jento wondered if the words he screamed left his mouth.

Crabbe and Goyle taunted him while they pushed, “You should know better than to attack your betters.”

“Ever to this again, your dead,” he felt their paws push him back and forth.

He was pushed around and his stuff taken and scattered.
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