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sanctuaryhprp's Journal

The Sanctuary - A Harry Potter RPG Experience
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Welcome to The Sanctuary!

This is a role-playing community based on J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" book series. Fans can now create their own characters and interact with the world of Hogwarts!

There are, of course, a few simple rules:

* Applying to the game is simple and easy; simply go over to The Character Application and fill it out. Email the application to me here BEFORE you begin playing. I will get back to you in a fairly short time. If you are in need of a LJ code to make a character-specific LJ, let me know. For you trollers, don't you DARE ask for a code. I will laugh at you.

* I've decided that Canon characters are open for regular use, as long as the individual applying for said character can write up the same application for that character as they could an original character. Canon characters will be strictly monitored for any, well, weirdness. Players applying for a Canon character must also read through the other posts in the community, to see if that character has been used in any way, so they know what has been going on in the character's life.

* Good character backgrounds are a MUST. Common sense is loved. We don't want to see a character who's Harry's long-lost cousin or something. We will laugh at you. A lot.

* You do not need to have a character-specific LJ to join. It's fun, of course, but not obligatory.

* You make up everything for your character. DO NOT BE A TWINK. You character cannot be greater than Voldemort, Dumbledore, or anything. He or she could be meaner than Malfoy or the Dursleys, but that might not get you friends. Students will ALWAYS be inferior to Professors in magics, it just goes without saying. If your character happens to have something other than human ancestors, I do hope you can explain it; non-human magical creatures often have secondary powers/abilities, and everything must pass my approval before I let it into my game.

* The setting of the game is during the third book, "Prisoner of Azkaban." Please keep that in mind. Spoliers related to "Goblet of Fire" and "Order of the Phoenix" are a no-no, because they have not happened yet.

* Our method of play will be either through AOL Instant Messenger, LJ itself, or email if necessary. The AIM part is good for interactive, quick role-playing, whilst the LJ is good for the drawn-out, lengthier style. Feel free to use whichever method you prefer in order to immerse yourself in the game.

* Check the website (The Sanctuary) - eventually it will contain character bios so players can interact with each other outside of LJ. ~~LOOK AT THE CONTACT PAGE TO FIND PLAYER INFO!~~

* All Out Of Character, player introductions, and questions should be directed to the OOC Community, sanctuaryhpooc. People interested in joining should check that community first before applying.

* The Fifth Years are now capped; if you'd like to submit a Fifth Year, I will likely stare you down and demand a crisp, new 20-dollar bill. We need everything else more than we need more Fifth Years.

Any other questions, please ask!

Your humble maintainer/ST,


CURRENT CAST (as of 07/12/03)

Kumiko Sakamoto -- midnightsadness *Fifth Year*
Tanzen Calloway Morrow -- tansyflower *Fifth Year*
Tybalt Emrys -- tybaltemrys *NPC; Fifth Year*
George Weasley -- quidditch_bois *NPC; Fifth Year*
Oliver Wood -- quidditch_bois *NPC; Seventh Year*
Angelina Johnson -- quidditch_angel *Canon, Fifth Year*
Richard Hartley -- soul_cages *Sixth Year*

Liam McDally -- liam_mcdally *Fourth Year*
Lindsay Ducksworth -- purplerkiss *First Year*
Mandy Killian -- renjiro_kazi *NPC; First Year*
Siobhan Callahan -- harlequingal *Fifth Year*
Cooper Gardner -- drgnheartstring *Sixth Year*

Aileen McDally -- aileen_mcdally *Second Year*
Rosalind Sullivan -- rosasullivan *Third Year*
Julia Krauser -- nightmareinblk *NPC; Seventh Year*
Alexandra Bradford -- faeryladyx *Fifth Year*
Kelby Brandon -- notafish *Fifth Year*
Delilah no Delaunay de Montreve -- cobaltstar *Fourth Year*

Caio Ballesteros -- redhotburning *Fifth Year*
Linden Pritchett -- lpritchett *First Year*
Aurelius Miller -- simonbailey *Sixth Year*
Grainne Edwards -- graingoddess *Sixth Year*
Christian de Monet -- cold_christian *NPC; Sixth Year*