Alyx (faeryladyx) wrote in sanctuaryhprp,

A morning search-and-recovery mission

Alyx tore down the stairs and out of Ravenclaw Tower, keeping her right hand on the banister and chewing on the thumbnail of the left. She'd woken up that morning completely aware that she needed to speak with Richard post haste. "Bother bother bother..." She wasn't particularly looking forward to it. Some inner instinct was warning her that Richard was going to blow a gasket when he found out she'd gotten attached to someone without consulting him first. "Bloody paternalistic overprotective instincts..."

She reached a platform and spun in a little circle, scanning for Richard. She knew his morning schedule pretty well, and by now he'd have finished his run and be headed down towards breakfast. A faint whine escaped her as she looked around. "Don't wanna but I hafta but it isn't gonna be good..." she muttered to herself as she twirled around again, searching.
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