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OWL Time Blues

"Brandon, you're loosing it," muttered a mossy haired Ravenclaw to himself as he stared blankly at a scroll he had been doodling on for the past half hour. He was, by his own doing, alone at the end of the house table with the standard five books in hand and mind set to studying. Only it wouldn't happen. Kelby's eyed strayed back to his Herbology text hesitantly. The words on the page were blurry and slurred, and he was sure it wasn't the book. Was he going daft?

He slammed the book closed in frustration and took a nice deep breath. He'd heard about this strange phenomenon that happened before exams, but never had believed it could happen to him. Could he really be loosing his mind in preparation for OWLs? No. Of course not.

Eyes narrowing, Kelby quickly scanned the barren Common Room for any form of distraction. This really was just silly and he needed something else to put his mind on for a while. No concept could put Kelby Brandon down, no siree.
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