George Weasley & Oliver Wood (quidditch_bois) wrote in sanctuaryhprp,
George Weasley & Oliver Wood

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In Search Of . . . Ballesteros?!

George helped Tanzy outside of the Gryffindor portrait hole, scowling fit enough to make Snape proud. He was annoyed. The three second-years that were coming towards the Gryffindor Tower veered to the side when they caught sight of his face. It was definitely rage enough to fuel him for the Quidditch final, but that was still some days away.

"That arrogant little..." George muttered under his breath. "Why in Merlin's name were you defending him? After what he did to you?" He looked down at Tanzy, thankfully no longer holding her elbow but walking beside her, confident she would follow, out of curosity if nothing else.
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