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Common Room

Richard was sitting in front of the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room. People were sitting around the Common Room studying for their OWLS. Many if the sixth and seventh years were helping the fifth years study and well keeping their nerves down. As people passed and catch his attention they gave him looks of disgust; but so far no one had been brave enought to say anything. Then again the Weasleys or the Quid team had not come back from practice yet. Richard continued to read the book on the Auror's Offensive again the Giants just after the He-whose-name-cannot-be-said-by-nice-children. He really hoped that Tanzy would come through so he could talk with her, he knew what he should say.

It needed to happen soon
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A faint chorus of hellos erupted around the portrait hole, students standing around turned and grinned, waving. After a moment, the knot parted and a soft alto announced, "They'll be back soon. Oliver just wanted to do final notes." She laughed. "They were right behind me practically and, no, no worries. They all look perfect."

With a musical eruption of giggles, the little blonde pushed through the crowd, pulling off her cloak and scarf; it was still on the chill side. Not even noticing the young man in the armchair, Tanzy shifted to stand near the fire, small pale hands out and the flames glowing gold on her face.
Richard peered over his book at the young lady, he thought about just letting it slide but that was the cowards way out. Richard Sat up in the chair and closed his book, "Tanzy," he cleared his throat," Tanzy dear, would it be possible to have a moment of your time.

He paused for a moment and then added, "I promise no tea."
She smiled a bit nervously but nodded nonetheless willingly. "Of course." Glancing over her shoulder at the rest of the room, she slipped over to sit on a footstool near his chair. "Before you say anything, though, I want to apologize."
Alyx had told me that this might happen. This was what others had mentioned in the past year. He needed to allow her the control so that he could also appologize. He also felt dozens of eyes staring at him. Control, calm, collected is what he needed to be. Richard smiled alittle and nodded, "Please," he paused, "continue."
Despite his urging, Tanzy hesitated for a moment. Her grey eyes never left his face, though, fixed and solemn and far too large in her pale and delicate face. Then she took a quick, deep breath and nodded. "Thank you. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for upsetting you earlier. I didn't mean to..." She paused to bite her lip, oblivious to anyone but Richard. "I only wanted to cheer you up."

Richard smiled, "I know and and I forgive you for anything you feel you need forgiveness for. I want to be your friend. You are a good person and I could learn a lot from you." Richard paused for a moment, "Tanzy, I need to ask for forgiveness from you."
"-- to keep your elbows in --"


"-- and don't let that damned Malfoy --"

"Oliver!" George had to bop the taller Gryffindor on the back with his broom to get his attention. The Gryffindor Quidditch team was filtering in the portrait hole. Wood was, as usual, harassing poor Harry about his gameplay. Oliver turned to shoot a glare at George. The unshakable Weasley grinned. "I think Harry knows how to handle Malfoy."

The team had a laugh about that - tales of George socking Malfoy were often used as inspirational images during practice. Fred had begun pantomiming the incident before practices, simply because it was a milestone in the "War Against Malfoy, That Stupid, Worthless Git."

George patted Harry on the shoulder, his attention caught not on Quidditch, but on the sight of Tanzy and Richard by the fireplace. He'd heard about what had happened between them earlier, and the dark little angry part of him that punched Malfoy was rising to the surface. Tanzy was the sweetest girl he knew - Ginny didn't count, because she was his sister - and the fact that she had cried... Well, at least it hadn't been Ballesteros. That would have made George simply homicidal.

Not bothering to set aside his uniform, pads, or broom, George sauntered over to them just in time to catch Richard's last words, asking Tanzy for forgiveness.

"And what should she be forgivin' you for, bloke?" George asked.
At the sound of her friend's voice, Tanzy's head whipped up, grey eyes surprised. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn there was an edge to the redhead's tone. "Oh, George." Smile lighting her face, she bounced up from the footstool and hugged the much-taller boy. She laughed, grimacing as a pad jabbed at her uncomfortably. Then she looked over her shoulder. "Richard? You know George, of course, right?"
Richard looked George over, he was aware of George in the house. It was hard not to be aware of a Weasley in the Tower. Someone once said you could not swing Mrs Norris without hitting a Wesley. "We not been formally introduced."

Richard turned towards George and extending his hand, "Hello, I'm Richard Hartley."

George smiled indulgently at Tanzy, then faced Richard. He eyed the hand, then smiled broadly and clasped the outstretched hand with much more vitriol than George would usually use; the effect was that Richard was treated to George's rather strong grip.

"A pleasure, really." He released his grip a moment later to drop his hand at his side. He glanced back to Tanzy, a pleasant, empty smile on his face. "So, forgive what? Did she accidentally trip over you or something of the like?"
Richard smiled at the grip, too many years of fencing to allow a strong grip to go unopposed. He looked at George, should he give it up or should he cover. He glanced at Tanzy to see if she was going to give any help with this problem.
Faint color touched the petite girl's cheeks and she laughed a bit, soft and ashamed. "A mix-up, is all, pet," she answered George, cutting in to save Richard his explanation. "I was a complete twit and upset him earlier today."
Unfortunately, George wasn't exactly feeling subtle today. "You upset him?!" He barked with all the delicacy of a bull in a china shop. The other Gryffindors around them dropped into silence.

"Last I heard, Tanzy was the one crying! You owe her a helluva lot more than a simple apology!" His grip on his broom was tight, and had he not been wearing gloves, his knuckles would have stood out a stark white. "Unless you ran up to your dorm and sobbed into your pillow after the vicious Tanzy dissolved into tears in front of you."

Richard's hands were loose at his side, he clinched them into a fist and then released them. He repeated this process several more times. There was fire in Richard's eyes, he heard in the back of his brain. Never lose your cool in a fight. In a low voice, almost a whisper Richard replied, "You know nothing of this event and are making it worst by being here. George, please move along, your losing your temper. Next you'll hit me and you will be thrown off the Quid Team. We lose the house cup, all because you wanted to throw a cheap shot at me."
George fairly sneered, an expression that looked all the worse because his was a face that usually smiled. The broom was tossed aside casually, clattering againt the wall first, and then the floor.

"I don't need to know a damn thing aside from the fact that you made Tanzy cry, Hartley." George sounded coldly civilized, but it was just a veneer over his anger. "And I would love to hit you, except I've already gotten in my quota of punching spoiled little brats for the year."
Richard smiled, and took a small step side ways to open his stance up, If he had this Weasley figured the punch would happen in the next set of comments. For a brief moment he thought about retreating, "So let me get this straight, I'm trying to appologize to Tanzy for the miscommunication that happened earlier today. I'm trying to make this right with her. Yet you want to stumble in here and," raises his voice, "be the hero, for protecting her from, sacastically, "big bad Richard Hartley. Please, your playing the jealous boyfriend too well." Hartley stepped closer, "Weasley, I didn't care if you hit Malfory. I don't care if you hit me."

Richard turned to Tanzy.
Grey eyes alarmed, Tanzy looked from one angry boy to the other. Her hands worked in front of her, knotting and loosening, as the conversation had gone on, voices raising. "Oh, please," she finally whispered. "Don't. Please don't fight. I... George, it was all a mistake. I said something I shouldn't have and... It's been a long week. I was just oversensitive. I shouldn't have cried." Words tumbled together and she caught her her lower lip between her teeth to stop them, the look on her face miserable and guilty.
The urge was there, right there, willing to take that step and swing. He nearly did, too, except when Tanzy spoke. His eyes had flicked to her, and when he'd seen her face...

George visibly restrained himself, glaring at Richard. "It almost seems to me that you want me to hit you and get in trouble and suspended from the team. Trying to sabotage us, Hartley?" He turned away from Richard then, to gently take Tanzy's arm and start for the portrait hole.
She let him lead her without resistance, instinctively clinging to his arm. "George, I..." She glanced back over her shoulder at Richard, clearly torn. "Richard, I... It's okay, really. I'm sorry and I forgive you and..." Any further words were lost as George led her through the lingering crowds, making a fast getaway towards the exit.
WHAT THE FUCK screamed Richard's mind. He watched as Tanzy followed George. Richard thought about pulling his wand, he knew four or five spells that would take him out, Richard cleared his mind and spoke clear and loud.

Richard bellowed, "George Stop."

He continued towards the door, "George Please Stop, you win. I'll leave. She is in no shape to be dragged across the school grounds."
George didn't turn, but he paused. He sounded much more normal, far more George-like than he had been. "I'm not dragging her, we're going to go visit a friend. 'm sure you have other things to do than be the center of attention."

That said, George resumed leading Tanzy to the portrait hole.
Richard watched George drag Tanzy out of the tower, he grabbed his book and started up the stairs trying to look calm. His mind was yelling and screaming He got to his room and threw his book across the room and it smashed into his desk scattering everything that was there. He needed to clear his mind. He need to regain control. He needed to run. He needed Del. He picked up a pen and a scrap of paper.

Need to talk.